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A credit union is a great way to save as you are not just another customer like you are in a Bank. You will have a share in the ownership of the credit union, have a say in its operations and earn an annual dividend.



Each £1 of savings in the Credit Union equals a share in the Credit Union. The more shares you hold, the greater the return you receive when the annual dividend is being paid.



A Dividend is the same as interest on your savings, but because you are a shareholder in the Credit Union. We normally pay an annual Rebate on Loan Interest.*

*The rate varies from year to year and is dependent on the performance of the Credit Union. Our Members vote at the AGM as to whether they wish to accept the Board of Directors recommended dividend figure.

Types of savings

Savings can be held in either your main account (blue passbook) or an Easi share account (yellow book).

Withdrawals and Savings

As of 1st December 2020 members are limited to saving £500 per month. Can I withdraw from my savings?

  • Yes however some savings may be required to be held as security on your loan
  • Your savings are insured in the event of your death
Easi Share Accounts

What About Withdrawals from My Easi Share Account?

You withdraw whenever you want from your Easi account – that’s why it’s perfect if you want to save a bit for a special occasion or even that dreaded rainy day!

Are my Savings Secure?